Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cheating at Wizards & Warriors

A Good Start
Several days ago I started playing Wizards & Warriors for NES. First I got tired of dying and restarting and then I got tired of scrounging for Gems. So I decided I'd cheat. Although the LIFE and Gems cheats are the only cheats you should need, I found a few more. In the picture above you can see I have equipped Kuros from the very beginning of his journey.

I have tried these cheats on FCEU and FCEUX. I recommend you use FCEU. If you use FCEUX instead, expect the game to glitch beyond playability.

0076012LIFEYou want a strong Kuros, right? Use this cheat and Kuros doesn't take damage. You will want to toggle this off once you defeated a boss and then toggle it back on when you start the next level.
0077003LIVESIf you still want your Kuros to take damage and die, but you don't want to see the continue screen, I've got just the thing for you! Use this code to start with 3 lives and keep three lives.
0078005Wand of WonderThis wand can freeze enemies for a couple seconds. I recommend using the boots of force or staff of power instead.
0078006Cloak of DarknessIt turns Kuros invisible! Scratch that, it makes Kuros pitch black with little sparkles around the blackness. You may have trouble seeing Kuros against a black background, but the enemies have no trouble finding him. This is a novelty at best.
0078007Boots of ForceI love these boots! They let you kick open even the toughest treasure chests.
0078008 or 009Boots of Lava WalkYou'd think that with a name like "Boots of Lava Walk" that you could use them to walk on lava without damage. Instead of that, they allow Kuros to ride around on that crazy pillar of flame in the fire cave. I forget the exact value for this item, but if you're using the invincible cheat above, you don't really need these silly boots anyway.
0078010HornUse the horn to find hidden rooms. The horn comes in handy in the purple caves.
0078011MapYou read about it in the instruction book and now you can use it at last! Use the map to see where in the world Kuros is.
0078012Staff of PowerThis is a mighty blasting rod indeed!
006B001Knife of ThrowingOK projectile, but I like the axe myself.
006B + 062F001 + 001Axe of AgorMy favorite projectile weapon!
062C001ShieldThe shield deflects projectiles.
062D001FeatherPress up when Kuros falls and he will fall slower. Handy for reaching platforms that are far away.
062E001Potion of LevitationPress up and Kuros floats up in the air a little bit. Kuros can jump while levitating, allowing him to reach platforms he couldn't get to before.
0630001Blue KeyBlue Key allows Kuros to open blue chests and doors. As with the LIFE cheat and the other keys, this should be toggled off for boss battles
0631001Red Key
0632002Pink Key
0658006DamselsI have really filtered out a lot of cheats and this one should probably be left off the list, but here it is anyway. Use this cheat and the game ends when you save the first damsel. Want to know what happens if you set the value to 007? Find out!

If I didn't cover the cheat you were looking for, you might have to find it yourself. I'm done with Wizards & Warriors for a while.

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