Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finding Kasuto

Recently I remembered that I have never finished Zelda II. I can remember playing the hell out of it, but can't remember actually beating it. I remember the lizard guys throwing stuff over the really tall fence, but what's after that?

So I have been playing Zelda II every few days or so for the last three weeks.

Recently in the game I took up the challenge of finding the hidden town of Kasuto. Man, what a pain in the ass! You have to go to this little corner of the map and cut down trees in this tiny forest. But it's not that easy since you've got about a second of overworld time in between battle screens. There's no room to run, and you lose track of what areas of the woods you've chopped down and what areas you haven't. Just when you're about ready to throw the controller at the screen... That's it! And you're in.

I only hope the rest of the game gets easier.

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